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Limit your environmental and social impact, clean naturally! Produced in a short-circuit with respect for workers and the environment, our hemp scouring pads are washable, resistant and 100% natural.

At Design for resilience, our cleaning range is completely biodegradable, compostable and naturally anti-bacterial, which allows you to keep each cleaning accessory clean for several weeks without having to wash them.


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Ethical and ecological. We produce your scouring pads in the latest hosiery in Wallonie. In order to limit our production waste, we knit our materials directly in the right size and we therefore have a production system close to zero waste. Our range of maintenance textiles has been designed to respect the environment and the world of life. All our products are therefore reusable and resistant.

Reduce your waste and preserve the environment and wildlife from micro-plastics, thanks to our natural and multifunctional maintenance accessories. Hygenic and practical, clean without scratching thanks to the absorbant and delicately abrasive structure of the hemp mesh. This property makes our scouring pad more hygenic than conventional cleaning products. Its label allows to hang it and its structure ensures a quick drying. No more bad smells in the kitchen ! Multi-fonctional, also use your pads as an extra towel or for cleaning your equipment, nike, car etc... It's up to you !

And, our solid and Oekotex Standard 100 certified fibers, make our creations sustainable products, respectful of living and workers. We knit our scouring tampons into hemp yarn. Composed solely of mechanically processed vegetable fibres, they guarantee that no solvent, acid or caustic soda has been used in the spinning of our yarns unlike synthetic fibers or bamboo viscoses. In addition, we selected the fibers closest to Belgium and the most resistant as well as a sewing thread and a woven label made of high quality combed Egyptian cotton to design fully biodegradable and compostable maintenance products. 

Finally, we imagined 100% natural finishes to avoid any use of synthetic fibres in our creations. Our multifunction scouring pads are guaranteed to be without plastic or glue and does not release any synthetic microfiber into the environment. Unlike conventional sponges and synthetic polyester or polyamide rags, the production of which is also very polluting.