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HYDROPURE Serenity filter-reel
  • HYDROPURE Serenity filter-reel

HYDROPURE Serenity filter-reel

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The SERENITY tap filter provides exceptional filtration performance, TÜV certified.


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The SERENITY filter is very easily installed in place of the tap's mousseur. A valve makes it possible to choose between filtered or unfiltered water. With its activated carbon block (cartridge) with a fineness of 0.45μm, it eliminates lead, pesticides, bacteria, copper, chlorine, organochlorines, drug residues, hormones...

The SERENITY® cartridge is characterised by its outstanding filtration quality: The water, forced to pass through a very dense microstructure, cannot create channels and bypass the coconut activated carbon. This makes it 4 to 5 times more effective than simple granular activated carbon. The filtration fineness of 0.45 μm reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation inside this cartridge. All the filtered elements are retained in a very safe way and cannot be released.

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