Kongac SPONGE By Lamazuna

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The Japanese use Konjac since 1500 years to exfoliate the facial skin while the Koreans use it to clean the sensitive baby skin. It gently cleans and calms down acne prone skin. It has a surprising skin and combines the features of an exfoliating glove with the lightness of a bamboo flower. To use with water, a flower water or your usual face cleaner.


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Made in France.

Lamazuna products are eco-affordable. They aim to minimize bathroom waste and make everything simple. The ingredients used in their solid cosmetics are 100% naturally derived. They come from either minerals or plants – and if it's the latter, they use plants that are certified organic.Their products are absolutely free of animal-derived ingredients. They also carry the Cruelty Free label – a guarantee that they've not been tested on animals. They use natural and organically farmed ingredients tomake our products.

Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.