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Medium TOOTHBRUSH By Lamazuna

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Zero waste! The handle is made with 70% plant-based material, in France. A toothbrush with a replaceable head. Keep the handle, just change the head !


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A bioplastic handle made in France! The handle of Lamazuna's toothbrush is made from 70% castor derivatives. The castor oil plant (like all plants) absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows. The castor derivatives are combined with 30% plastic so that the resulting material can cope with the humidity of a bathroom and absorb the "shock" caused by rubbing when brushing the teeth.

A replaceable head: nylon bristles and ABS base, made in Italy.

Lamazuna products are eco-affordable. They aim to minimize bathroom waste and make everything simple. The ingredients used in their solid cosmetics are 100% naturally derived. They come from either minerals or plants – and if it's the latter, they use plants that are certified organic.Their products are absolutely free of animal-derived ingredients. They also carry the Cruelty Free label – a guarantee that they've not been tested on animals. They use natural and organically farmed ingredients tomake our products.

A bioplastic handle made in France ! The handle of our toothbrush is 70% made of castor derivatives, a plant that (like all plants) absorbs carbon by pushing, mixed with 30% plastic so that this material can withstand the humidity of the bathroom and the impact of friction during brushing. 

Keep the handle, just change the head !

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