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Season soap

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Spring is here! We celebrate with the first flowers of the year: in the forest where Werfzeep gets some of its soap ingredients, these are rapeseed flowers growing at the edge of the forest. The Werfzeep team picks them at the beginning of spring, dries them and uses them to make soap.

The handmade, organic Werfzeep spring soap is a deliciously fresh soap with spearmint, thyme, lemon, rosemary and, of course, rapeseed flowers.


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Soaped oils of coconut*, olive*, shea butter* and cacoa butter*. Water, castor oil*, aroma, rapeseed flower*, citralo, limoneneo, geraniolo, linaloolo

INCI: (international name): sodium cocoate*, sodium olivate*, sodium shea butterate*, sodium cocoa butterate*, aqua, castor oil*, aroma, brassica napus flower, citralo, limoneneo, geraniolo, linaloolo.
* From certified organic origin, wild harvest, ♢ organic essential oils: eucalyptus, turmeric, lemongrass, lemon, sage, rosemary, spearmint and red thyme, o natural constituent of essential oils.